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Nationally published writer, Jean Lengwin, has two collections of her personal essays in print and offers them for sale here. Animals and Their People and As I See It. Ordering information below.

Jean's work has appeared in magazines and many anthologies and she has been a regular contributor to the Readers Write section of the Grants Pass Daily Courier.




Your Life – So Far







Animals and Their People tells about the love, devotion and frustrations of having pets. A lot depends on which end of the leash you're on.



This book is written in the skewed manner in which Jean views life. She gets more out of a trip to a big-box store than a hammer and a glue gun. More from eating out than just a meal. More from the family toaster than burnt toast. Stories everyone can relate to.

Felted Wool Hats

$35.00 + $5.00 shipping

Many colors available.

Show support for your favorite

team or school by

wearing a hat with their colors.

Water resistant and warm.

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Books are $7.50 each or one copy of each for $13.00

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Jean Lengwin

P.O. Box 3059

Brookings-Harbor, Oregon 97415

Since the death of her parents and of her husband's parents, Jean has come to realize the importance of writing life stories. She has taken on the mission of helping others to write their stories with an easy as 1-2-3 method. If you do nothing more than the first step, people may not know what you've done in life, but they will surely know where you've been. Presentations for large or small groups. Workshops for small groups only. For more information, please contact me by email –



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